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FINALLY: A writing contest JUST for geocachers so you can share your best stories of romance, adventure, and connection!

Open Call For Submissions: November 1 – November 22, 2017

Dear Fellow Geocacher,

Think back to your most memorable day geocaching… What is it about this game that you love? Maybe it’s even changed your life!

Now you have the opportunity to share your stories and your passion with other geocachers around the globe! You and your story are unique – and people would love to read it as much as you’d love to tell it.

Now, YOU can be a published author in the brand-new anthology: “Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories of Critter Encounters” edited by Kimberly Eldredge of New Frontier Books.

This isn’t a how-to book or an introduction to geocaching for muggles. THIS is the third annual book of heartwarming stories about geocaching – and it’s written by geocachers FOR geocachers (and edited by a geocacher too!)

And the best news?

All the stories will be true!

(Sure it’s tempting to write a fictional account but for the purposes of THIS book, I’m looking for stories that happened to you or someone close to you!)

Friend, you don’t have to be an amazing writer – it isn’t THAT kind of stuffy, snobby, nose-in-the-air writing contest! This is for the best story – the type of story that makes the reader go, “Wow! Now THAT was a great day of caching!”

(Stories will be judged on the impact of the STORY – emotion, excitement, feel-good, etc. But that’s no excuse not to use your best writing skills with spelling, grammar, and punctuation!)

This year, we’re focused on critter encounters…

Examples could be:

– Fighting your way through insects or spiders
– Getting divebombed (or pooped on!) by birds

Examples could be:

– Being chased by wildlife
– Encountering a domestic animal that surprised you (like cows, horses, or sheep!)

Examples could be how you:

– Snakes in the cache!
– Underwater caches guarded by fish or turtles

The goal is to bring to life how rich and varied this game is – and how many ways we have adventures. (FYI: These stories aren’t about caching with your 4-legged friends!)

And since I know that geocachers are super creative folk you can also submit a poem about geocaching!

Launching December 2017!

The launch will also include mentions on social media, geocaching blogs and newsletters, press releases, and more! But best of all – YOU’LL be able to say that you’re a published author!

Are you ready to share your story of geocaching with the world?

Here are the details:

  • Story must feature the game of geocaching!
  • Open to any geocacher anywhere in the world
  • Submissions accepted November 1 – 22, 2017
  • Free submission – no reading fee
  • No simultaneous submissions (you can’t have submitted this story to another place at the same time)
  • No previously published submissions (this includes published on a blog, magazine, book, ebook, or newspaper)
  • Entries must be a minimum of 800 words
  • Entries cannot exceed 1,500 words or 1 page for a poem
  • Limited to 1 entry per person
  • All stories need to be in the first person (I, us, we) and written by you
  • Be written in English

So how does the contest work?

Winners will be chosen from the submissions that follow the guidelines. Not only will you get published in “Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories of Critter Encounters” winners will also receive:

1stPlace– 1 contributor copy of the book
– Press release to send out to local media announcing the publication
– Mentioned in the newsletter and social media
– Bragging rights!

1st place entry will also receive a cash prize!

Winners will be notified by November 25, 2017.

The book will be published as a trade paperback and Kindle version.



And don’t forget to check out the guidelines for submissions for tips to help your story sparkle!

Below, I’ve included some of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you get started:

Q. Why are you holding this writing contest?

In a nutshell? Because I’ve had so much fun over the past two years and the books were so well received. Until 2015, no book of feel-good stories existed for geocachers! You can find “feel good” books for cat lovers, teachers, business owners, soldiers, and more but NO book written by geocachers ABOUT why we all love geocaching! There wasn’t a single book with “stories of inspiration” written for a geocaching theme.

So we wrote it! And we’re doing it again!

This isn’t a book of: “oooh, a sunset! Pretty!” It’s a book of how this “game” has changed our lives. I’m a geocacher too – not just some publisher who decided a contest sounded like fun!

Q. Why no entry fee?

Coming from a background in Creative Writing, entry fees are the norm for all types of writing contests. But after conversations with geocachers, I’ve realized that most of them don’t want a fee. So I’m footing the bill for the editing, promotion and sending out contributor copies.

It costs $15 per winning entry to have a book printed and mailed. Donations are appreciated! (See link at the bottom of the page!)

Q. I’m not really a great writer. Can I still enter?

Of COURSE you can. All the stories are going to be professionally edited to make your writing shine! But in order for your story to be considered, you need to have somebody re-read it for grammar and spelling but the focus of the book is on STORY – not your use of commas!

You can find some writing resources here, here, and here as well as checking out the submission guidelines!

Q. How can I share this information with my blog, Facebook group, or friends?

Yes please! Here’s a page of images, blurbs, and tweets you can use.

Q. How can I support this project?

The BEST thing you can do right now is contribute. Even $15 goes a long way!