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Submissions for Volume 3 Open Now!


The first book was released at Geowoodstock XIII in 2015 – and has gone on to receive excellent reviews and is inspiring geocachers around the world. Volume 2, “Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories of Geocaching Firsts” was released July 2016.

Why was this anthology created?

Until 2015, no book of feel-good stories existed for geocachers! You can find “feel good” books for cat lovers, teachers, business owners, soldiers, and more but NO book written by geocachers ABOUT why we all love geocaching! There wasn’t a single book with “stories of inspiration” written for a geocaching theme.

So we wrote it.

This isn’t a book of: “Oooh, a sunset! Pretty!”

It’s a book of how this “game” has changed our lives. I’m a geocacher too – not just some publisher who decided a contest sounded like fun.

This is an annual project, and we’re now in our third year. If you’d like to submit your story, please check out our guidelines. If you’d like to support the project, you can donate or sponsor the book.